A Little Louis… | Haul

This shiny new addition to my Louis Vuitton collection is ad-or-able (if a little impractical). The Amarante burgundy colour is so gorgeous and so versatile shimmering iridescently to match pinks, reds, purples, browns and blacks alike.

The other little brown bag.

 You can really see the true colour of Amarante here. It’s a gorgeous rich plum colour with an almost sparkly effect although in most lighting it appears the deeper colour it is in the bottom photograph.

For size.

In all honestly it’s a little small for my needs but only because I’m pretty much using it as a coin purse as well as a business card holder until the purse strings can be loosened (pun intended) for me to invest in a larger purse although which I have yet to decide. My one gripe about this gorgeous piece is that the Vernis leather canvas is a nightmare to keep fingerprint-free cheapening the look of it ever so slightly. Nevertheless it’s simply gorgeous and a welcome addition to my collection.