Biker Boots | Outfit

     I’ve been on a mad hunt for some biker boots for monthssss now after failing to locate some to wear on my birthday in Easter. It always amazes me how in this country as soon as it gets even close to being ‘summer’ every shop seems to burn all evidence of their winter clothing as if the thought of someone needing to wrap up is preposterous. Who are they kidding eh? 

Anyway I finally spotted some lovely men’s ones on sale in a department store and my risk of waiting a couple of weeks for them to be reduced further paid off tehe! That coupled with a friend’s staff discount made them a steal at under £25 (I have of course misplaced the receipt and can’t remember the exact price). Let’s just say I am one very happy lady. Below is my first attempt at a photo session to show one of the ways I’ll style them. Don’t laugh at me, I’m new at this!  

In an ideal world I’d looove to finish off this outfit with a nice black leather bag. Perhaps a black Balenciaga First for daytime (yes I would sooo wear this outfit during the day!) or a black Alexander Wang Rocco with silver hardware for night?

 I mentioned my 21st birthday above. Follow this link to see the haul video where I show what I wore on my birthday, this one to see what I did and this one to see how I set it all up!