Here Today… | Haul

So my very brief love affair with these trainers was a passionate one alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I had admittedly impulse-bought these in a sale as I’d been planning on buying some funky new trainers for a while in order to seduce myself into the gym more. 

However after much deliberation I realised that  until I have some sexy new gym clothes to complete this

ensemble, such a coupling would only leave both of us (the trainers and I) feeling
unloved and unwanted and since my bank account is more overdraft than overflowing right now the trainers were regrettably returned to their former location, where they will I’m sure make another woman very happy.

Whilst I love the neon pink accenting on these, in hindsight the grey colour is a little ‘blah’ for me and I think my next pair will be a little brighter and more adventurous. 

P.S. I am beside with giddiness over the impending Victoria’s Secret (does anyone else get annoyed when people forget the –s-?) London store launch next month and sincerely hope that they will be carrying the VS Pink line from which I intend to purchase a disgusting amount of their yoga pants and shorts thus allowing me to purchase some replacement trainers. Watch this space for a shameful haul post!