It’s Kors of course! | Haul

Hello my pretties! 

So today I thought that I would post about my lovely (not so) little watch as I have finally had it resized. I had some trouble deciding whether I wanted to wear it fitted or loose at first but I’ve settled on somewhere in the middle for now. This shiny baby is the Michael Kors MK5055 Gold Chronograph and it was a 21st birthday present from a group of my friends after some not-so-subtle hinting on my part! 

When it arrived I thought for sure ASOS had send me a dress or something by accident as this is the box that it came in…

Yes that little white dot in the middle is the watch box. Talk about killing the environment! On the other hand I suppose it is quite pricey and I would have been more outraged if it was damaged so hey-ho I shouldn’t complain! 

Now that I can finally wear it I do absolutely adore it. I always take a long time to ponder bigger purchases or ‘investment pieces’ as they’re commonly referred to, and I’m glad because it always works out and I do love this watch to bits. I’ve been buying clothes with a lot of gold hardware recently so it matches everything I own pretty much so expect to see it in a lot of outfit posts here and on my youtube channel! 

My one gripe about the watch is that with it being good quality it’s really heavy which I’m not used to. I work in an office and I find it annoying to type with and I’m also constantly scared of scratching it on the desk so I usually chuck it place it carefully into my bag while I’m there. But you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s right back on my wrist the moment I leave! Because it’s heavy it does irritate me slightly after a while and I’m tempted to get yet another link put back in to see if it being looser might help but I haven’t been wearing it religiously for all that long so I’ll leave it for now and perhaps do an update post in a few months to let you know how if I get used to it. 

This is the watch on the ASOS website: