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Hey guys, since I’ve merged both of my blogs I’m going to bring some of the old posts over onto this one as I really like some of the pictures and think other people might too. Hope you enjoy! x

I just loooove these creamy candy colours! <3. After two failed attempts at more ambitious designs I finally settled on cute polka dots using these old colours that haven’t received much love recently and I adore how they go together! I contemplated throwing a yellow and lime green in there too going for a brighter theme but I decided against it as these colours complement each other so well on their own. I got a lot of complements on them at work today so they seem to be a hit all around! I don’t know why but these colours just remind me of candies and sweetness and everything girly and good in the world!

Pink OPI Shorts Story, Turquoise OPI No Room For The Blues, Purple OPI Grape Fit

The phone cover is from my accessory line Made by Jade. I sell personalised and custom made phone covers like this one all hand made by my mum and me! We’re also about to launch charm bracelets, earrings, winter snow globes and other cute accessories! You can get one or just browse the pretty pictures here

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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