Just a Quick Update: Changes are Afoot!

Hi Guys! After some thinking I’ve decided that it might be easier for everyone if I put all of my posts on one blog… I love writing about a lot of things; fashion, makeup, food, travel… and I think rather than creating a zillion different blogs for each topic I’d rather have them all on one blog with different categories. That way I don’t have a ridiculous amount of web addresses, emails etc. and people who are only interested in certain topics can just click the ‘categories’ tab on the right of my blog and read only the posts on that topic.

So for now I’ll be posting about not only fashion but also the aforementioned subjects and more all on this blog – Jade With Envy. As for my current former beauty blog http://www.xglitter3ugx.blogspot.co.uk, I won’t delete it yet just in case I change my mind again but I won’t be posting on it for the time being.

I hope that this isn’t annoying for anybody and suggestions in the comments are more than welcome but as it’s a relatively new blog anyway and I don’t have any followers I doubt it will be too much of a hassle!

x Jade x

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