One s’more Two s’more Three s’more Four! | Food

I have been OBSESSED with making s’mores this month! I don’t know where this sudden obsession has come from but they’re just such oozy chocolatey yummy goodness! If you’ve never heard of them before they’re toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate sandwiched between crackers and they are super delicious. Traditionally they’re an American camping treat with the marshmallows being toasted on a stick over a campfire but since I don’t do camping I’ve settled with sticking a fork in mine and heating them on the gas hob! The outside of the marshmallow goes crispy and when you bite into it the centre is gooey and warm. 

If you’re planning a girl’s night in these would make a really fun and easy dessert as you could just lay out a bunch of marshmallows, crackers and chocolate and have everyone make their own. Giggles are usually guaranteed as there’s an art to toasting the marshmallows evenly without setting them alight! (So the supervision of a sober adult is definitely necessary!!!) I added some pink sprinkles to mine to make them pretty as well as delicious.

Quick tip: If you’re a little lazy like me use Nutella or chocolate spread instead of waiting for the chocolate pieces to melt, it’s much faster!

x Jade x

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