100 Subcriber Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys!! It’s officially Christmas morning and I’m super excited because I am soooo close to having 100 Subscribers on YouTube!!! If I’m only a few away and if I make 100 before New Years day in a week’s time I’m planning on doing a huge giveaway!!

(I got this image from http://www.birthdaygiftsandcelebrations.com/birthday_gifts/one_hundredth_birthday.html)

Even if I don’t make it by New Years I’ll still be very happy as I’m grateful for every single person who has taken the time to subscribe to me, it’s so nice of people to show support. Reaching 100 before the end of the year would just give me a decent excuse to spend money I don’t have on some big giveaways prizes lol! 😉

If you have subscribed to me already, thank you sooooo much ❤ and keep an eye out for a giveaway video if I make it!! And if you haven’t, you know what to do! Subscribing allows you to see all of my new videos on your YouTube homepage as soon as they’re up so you don’t miss anything and I’m always doing giveaways of free goodies for all of my loyal and loving subbies! It’s 100% free and super quick (you literally click one button) and it’s a great way to show support as I can see how many people really want to see my videos every week.

Wish me Luck!!

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x Jade x

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