Blast from the Past!

 The things mums make you do eh! Mine sent me these pictures this afternoon. How cute/silly were we as kids! Mum says we were always doing stuff like this together. How fun! I remember building lots of forts out of sheets and cushions in the living room and one time when my mum helped us make a line of chairs and cushions across the room and we had to hop from one to the next to get across the floor and avoid the ‘crocodiles’ lol. Oh to be a kid again! But I’m not a kid :(… I’m 21 and for me that means university…which means essays… two of which I have due in this Friday. So I shall get back to those and leave you with this fun image. I’ll put the others up on my Facebook page so if you want to check them out click here! Goodnight! x

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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