I’m heeereeee!!!

I’m heeeeeeere!!! I’ve finally arrived at my hotel  in Oman fourteen hours after I left my house in London this morning. It has been a looong day of flying but it wasn’t terrible really and I’m just so grateful to have arrived safely :).  

My travelling outfit – casual and comfy
Blazer: Zara, Legging: Zara, Scarf: Uniqlo Bag: Louis Vuitton, Trainers: Converse, Watch: Michael Kors
 (Sorry for the bad lighting, took this in the airport but have filmed ootd video which will be up when I get back)

As I’m sure you’ve worked out by now I have free wifi in my hotel room which is BLOODY BRILLIANT as it means I can talk to all of my loved ones back home and update my blog of course ;). No pictures of Oman itself yet as it was dark when we got here and we came straight to the hotel but here was my day in pictures….

All snuggly with my memory foam pillow <3
The aeroplane breakfast which was surprisingly really tasty!
The actual flights themselves weren’t that bad except that we got really excited when it seemed we had got the flight duration wrong and we thought we had arrived at our destination five hours early (yay!) and then we soon realised that we actually had yet another flight to catch as we did not have a direct flight as we’d thought (boo!). Still, the food wasn’t awful, the in-flight entertainment was good and there were no unscheduled delays or screaming babies so can’t complain really!
Costa coffee break during our (unexpected) layover

We didn’t arrive here until gone midnight local time so it was a quick trip to the bar and then room service for us! I ordered a chicken burger and breaded mushrooms as I was starving as I’m sure you can tell!

This little piggy got room service!

It’s 3.30am local time here now and I’ve agreed to meet my dad at 9am for breakfast so now that I’m nice and full of food I’m going to crawl into bed with a glass of rose and a book and get some shut eye ready for tomorrow when the adventures begin!

Good night! x

x Jade x