✈ I’m leaving on a jet plane ♫

Hello guys and once again Merry Christmas!! I fly to Oman early tomorrow morning – flight leaves at 08.00 and I arrive at 22.20 local time (long flight, wahhhhh ☹) but I’m very excited!! We need to leave for the airport at around 05.30 am so I can’t decide whether to try to quickly get a few hours sleep now or not… I just don’t want to be really tired and irritable in the long and boring airport queues but I think I’d rather sleep on the plane if I can so I’ll probably ride it out…

This is where I’m going…Oman (in the United Arab Emirates)
(I got this image from http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/best-trips-2012/oman-photos/)

My hotel says it has free wifi in all areas (yay!) so fingers crossed I’ll be able to post some photos and maybe even some videos while I’m there. It also means that I’ll hopefully be able to speak to my boyfriend while I’m away which’d be lovely. Even if not I aim to take lots of cool photos and video footage to show you when I get back on New Years Eve.

x Jade x

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