Shimmy Shimmy!

I got this sparkletastic bra as an early Christmas gift and I LOVE it! I’ve been seeing it everywhere in H&M adverts (and complaining that I want one!) and low and behold a special someone got it for me!

Although at first sight it may strike you as tacky-looking it’s actually really pretty and quite subtle under a sheer chiffon blouse, you know the kind that you can sort of see through – I’ll make sure to show you how I wear it with some outfit photos! It’s also a ‘super push up’ bra which is nice as it’s very flattering (wink-wink!) It sparkles iridescently in the light which makes it super festive so I’ll definitely be wearing it over the holiday period – expect to see this in many outfit videos/photos!

Edit: I’ve now put up an Outfit of The Day video up so you can see how I wear this here!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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