Fake it ’til you make it?

Hello my pretties! Do you like my new pink background and banner picture? I fancied a change. Today I want to talk about something that sort of inspired the name for my blog ‘Jade With Envy’. It’s a play on words with the original phrase being ‘green with envy’ – incase you didn’t know, my name is Jade and ‘jade’ is also a shade of green. But I named by blog this as I feel like I’m always drooling enviously over expensive magazine editorials of designer handbags, perfume and jewellery and also because on the rare occasion that I’m able to get my hands on some of these things, I think it’s fun to share them on here – not to make people jealous but rather to share my experience the same way I live vicariously through other lucky girls on their blogs. But today, in a longer post than usual, I want to broach a rather controversial topic. Today I want to ask – How do you feel about ‘fake’ goods? I’m talking counterfeit products such as fake designer handbags, makeup and jewellery.

My Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 and Tiffany tag bracelet
(these ones are genuine but I did have fakes of each when I was in school)

Aaaanyway, when I started university suddenly there were all these very wealthy kids around with genuine luxury handbags who weren’t from London and had apparently never heard of knock off goods and I suddenly felt a bit childish toting my pretending handbags so I threw all of mine away. To be honest most of them had fallen to pieces anyway. The handbags were all ripped inside and the straps would always break eventually and the jewellery would tarnish and sometimes even irritate my skin. Nowadays I just save my money as hard as a can to buy one nice thing a year and then I’ve been lucky enough to receive some really generous presents and hand-me-downs from family and friends but I do feel a bit deflated when I think that I’ll never in a billion years be able to save up £10,000+ for an Hermes Birkin bag or £?,000 for a Celine…

I go back and forth on whether I’d ever buy fake goods again. On the one hand I think they’re tacky, they’re poor quality, it’s not fair on the original designer who took the time to create that design, you don’t feel as special carrying it because you know its’ fake… But then on the other I think you can get some pretty decent fakes if you look around and the designers and fashion houses bring it on themselves by hiking up the prices to around 1000% of the actual cost of producing the good so none can afford it and then marketing in such a way that everyone wants it… And since I’m never in a million years going to able to afford a real one then what the harm in me buying a fake as it’s not exactly stealing business. No I know, I get it, it devalues the brand and stops sniffy rich people wanting them when everyone and their mother is running around with a fake one but isn’t that exactly what they deserve for dangling these shiny shiny things in our faces and charging sooo much more than their product is actually worth? It’s a toughie. I always end up deciding that moral dilemma aside, I still don’t think I’d buy any fake goods again because they are like it or not, generally considered by most people to be tacky and the paranoia of someone spotting my fake takes away any of the enjoyment of having it in the first place. Plus the whole allure of designer goods is the luxury factor which is sort of taken away when you think that you bag was mass-produced in some factory in China rather than hand sewn in Paris or wherever… Having said that I have heard rumours that a lot of genuine luxury bags actually are produced in such factories and it’s not uncommon for some to go missing and find their way on the black market for £50 while the rest of the batch is shipped to stores worldwide and sold for £500 upwards. Disgusting if it’s true right?

Nevertheless I am not too naive to admit that there are times when I’m content to be manipulated by marketing and for now I shall continue to bow down to the luxury good gods and save up my hard earned cash for my yearly splurge on a disgustingly overly priced ‘luxury’ item… And then I’ll take pretty pictures and share it with you on here ;). What do you think? Would you buy ‘fake’ goods? If someone offered you the iconic Chanel flap bag for £30 would you wear it with pride or tell them where to go? I’d love it if you’d let me know in the comments below! I’m interested to know what people think about all of this stuff!