Feeling Blue!

Hi Guys! So in-keeping with my New Year’s resolution to keep my nails pretty and manicured here is the first colour of the year! It’s Cyan Blue by Barry M. 

Such a pretty colour I think. I must admit that I have a lot of blues. Actually, thinking about it I guess it’s my favourite colour of nail polish really. I was laughing to myself because I watch Ingrid aka Missglamorazzi’s nail polish collection video on YouTube and was slightly flabbergasted by a) how many colours she had and b) how similar so many of them were but then I looked at all my blues and realised it’s pretty easy to do lol.

Some of them look so similar but I convince myself that the subtle differences between the shades reflect different moods – ‘calming blue’, ‘cool/winter blue’, ‘summery blue’ etc haha. I’m sure no-one else I run into would notice if I was wearing my ‘summer blue’ in winter but I like to take pleasure from the little things in life so I shall continue in my madness!

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