❤ Girly Night In ❤

Hi Guys! I’ve been in a weird mood all day so I decided to console myself with a girly night in! Boyfriend’s out so I’ve ordered a mound of Chinese food all to myself (yum!) and am going to watch The Hills from the beginning on Netflix and just relax with some rose and good old B&J as company! I desperately need to re-do my nails too so I’ve chosen this super bright neon pink to cheer me up. Whatever you’re doing tonight I hope you’re having fun! I’m off to stuff my face…! 

My favourites: Sweet and Sour Pork Hong Kong style, crispy squid, prawn fried rice, plain chow mein and mini rolls!
Can’t beat some Phish Food :p
Dontcha love my princess glass 🙂

Throw back! I’m starting over with this, I reckon I’ll get through Season 1 tonight

Colour of choice for this week: ‘Lightening’ by Color Craze

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