❤ Holiday Shopping Haul! ❤

Hello everyone! Here is a haul of exciting things I bought when I was on holiday in Oman over Christmas. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find these stores, especially Bath and Body Works! I’ve filmed a video of this which I’ll put up on my YouTube channel tomorrow but in the meantime here are pictures of the products, there’s a lot more after the jump. This isn’t everything I bought as I’ve given quite a few things away as gifts to my mum, sister and friend but I show some extras in the video which I filmed before I gave some gifts away so keep an eye out for that! 

I made use of those gems from my last haul video like I said I would! 😉

As you can see from the pictures I’ve already burnt the Cinammon Nut Bread candle and it is the most delicious scent everrrrr. I’m already sad for when it burns down 🙁 I wish soooo badly that I could have a Bath and Body Works near me! The candle’s a super highly scented and deliciously yummy!

I think you can see how pretty and iridescent these earring are in the photos – gorgeous! (They didn’t show up as well in the video for some reason).

This is my favourite Victoria’s Secret body spray. I’ve had it before and just about ran out so this was perfect timing! It smells like a vanilla-y, coconut-y tropical cake!

I also grabbed a couple of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses (I gave the other one away but show it in tomorrow’s video) as I have a pink one and it’s smells and looks great.

This super pretty bow necklace is from Forever 21. I wish I could keep it but my neck breaks out in a rash if I wear non-hypoallergenic necklaces (weird right?). Ah well, I guess I’ll have to give it away to one of you guys eh…?

Quite a few of these things I picked up with giveaways in mind so expect to see them popping up in some soon! Don’t forget to follow this blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss them! The full video of this haul will be up tomorrow including extra items from these shops and also clothes so watch this space!

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