❤ Pumped up Purple! ❤

Hello guys! Since I’ve been filming more videos for my YouTube channel this year I’ve also been playing around with my makeup more and I’m loving discovering all of the fun colour combos that I didn’t even know I had! Purples and blues are my favourite eyeshadow colours so I love how this look turned out. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on it?

I think the key to making coloured eyeshadows wearable it so blend them with darker colours so they’re softer around the edges and dress up the eye with dark mascara and eyeliner if you’re feeling it. And matching with a complimenting soft nude toned lipstick is a must – a bright shade will leave you looking like a drag queen! (Don’t get me wrong, I love me a drag queen or two, I just don’t need to be walking around looking like one!).

If you like this look and want to see more like it follow me on YouTube where I’ll be doing lots of fashion and beauty tutorials this year!

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