(Window) Shopping Up A Storm!

Hello Guys! I had a great day windows shopping and catching up with my friend Teeon on Saturday. We started of in Debenhams and tried on some party dresses for fun. We don’t have anywhere fancy to go but sometimes it’s just fun to imagine haha, we’re such kids. I’d seen this gorgeous party dress at Quiz in Debenhams before and they had it so I tried it on. It was too big which is just as well as I’d probably have bought it if it fit and I really don’t need another party dress right now.

We looked around H&M, Primark and some other places but nowhere had anything too exciting. We also checked out what was left of the Kardashian Kollection in Dorothy Perkins but nothing stood out to us. It was mostly dresses, cute enough but too dressy for most people’s daywear in my opinion.

Despite saying I wouldn’t buy anything I couldn’t resist getting this top from Internacionale. It’s actually from the kids sections but it’s age 14-15 and fits me fine and it was a good price as it’s kidswear – £14.99 which I think is great! I’ve been loving these sheer blouses recently as they’re smart casual and easy to wear day and night.

 This one is quirkier than anything in my closet at the moment, it reminds me of Kourtney Kardashian – I love her style! The button are tiny skulls, I love details like that that show extra thought has gone into the design, also I love that they’re gold as I am obsessed with gold accessories and it makes it easier to match everything.

Originally I actually had tried on this one below which is very similar but striped all over but the button came off in the fitting room and when I looked for another in my size Teeon discovered that they had the quirkier one so I decided to be adventurous and opt for that.

This was the first one that I spotted in the shop but I didn’t like that it wasn’t longer in the back so I couldn’t wear it with leggings. I’m glad I spotted the other as I prefer to have sleeves, I think blouses look more elegant.

These are some others I also tried. I like the purple one but again I prefer sleeves to no sleeves so I left it in the end. I also have quite defined arms and a small bust so I think sleeveless tops can make me look a bit manly lol!

I really wanted to love this t-shirt because I am obsessed with the current leather detailing trend. I just love the different textures together but as you can see below it was ill-fitting and really clinging around the armpits – yuck! I also really like their rip-off of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas for £29.99 but they were too small 🙁 shame!

 After we’d window shopped up a storm we headed to the other side of town for some lunch. The weather was super super gross and wet so some hot food was much needed! We went to our old favourite Zizzis and ordered the same as always – cheesy garlic bread and calamari to start with and Spaghetti Al Gamberoni (seafood pasta) for main, my absolute favourite dish!

After lunch we checked out a few makeup shops but again nowhere had anything mind-blowing so we headed home. A successful trip I’d say as none of us went crazy and spent too much, it was just really good to catch up!

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