❤ Picky Picky Choosey Choosey… ❤

Hi everyone and Happy Valentines Dayyyy!!! How are you spending today/tonight? I’ll be going to dinner and a movie so I shall of course post on both later but in the meantime I have a dilemma… Which Valentines Day gift do I choose??? 🙂

Okay so initially I had chosen these lovely Jasper Conran heels to match a dress (which I’ll post on later).

 You can’t really tell in this picture but they’re a really nice very dark metallic blue colour and they match the dress perfectly. I actually noticed them a couple of moths ago when I was out window shopping and tried them on just for fun but as they weren’t something I needed I forgot all about them. Well, after buying this dress I noticed that the shoes were now on sale with 20% off (hehe) so I decided to ask for them as a Valetine’s Day gift. When we finally went back to get them though, the sale had ended, (boooo) but my lovely boyfriend said he’d get them for me anyway. I tried a 42 on in the store and they were way too big so I just took the 41 assuming they would fit as I was in a bit of a hurry by then but alas when I got home later it turns out I’m a 41.5 and they pinch. Also there was an unsightly white rim around the inside of them where you could see the lining and it made them look a little cheap. So I decided someone is telling me that it’s just not meant to be. Which brings me to my dilemma. What to get instead…?!

Entry No 1. Urban Decay Naked Palette 

I’ve had my eye on this palette recently as I’ve realised that I could do with a good staple neutrals palette and I love that this has a good mix of shimmers and mattes. The swatch pictures I’ve seen on other people blogs have been insane, the colours look really highly pigmented and although at £36 it’s quite pricey compared to other brands, I reckon it’s probably worth it for the quality. I think a few of the shades might be too light to be much use to me personally but I’m considering going into freelance makeup after I graduate from university so I’m sure I’d get use out of it then. Although having said that I’m not sure if it’s considered okay to use the same makeup products I’d use on myself on clients also but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I could always just use those shades to practise on friends and even if I don’t use them £36 for the other 9 great shades is a pretty sweet deal I say when you consider how much certain brands charge for loose colours, not that I’m paying…. 

Entry No. 2. An Inglot gift card (to buy eyeshadows with)

As I mentioned above I am in need of some more neutral eyeshadows aaaaand I’m also seriously considering going into freelance makeup soon so a gift card to Inglot would be a great gift for me. I already have one of their 10 shadow freedom palette’s below (the ‘freedom’ bit relates to how they come empty and you custom build the palette to your needs) but I only have one eyeshadow in it so far… At £4 each the freedom system eyeshadows are really affordable so with a gift card I could buy myself a few eyeshadows and also get a few to start of my freelance kit too. I’ve been in the store and swatched the colours before and they are super duper quality with a brilliant range of colours to rival Mac but without the crippling price tag.

 The only downside is that I’d have to wait a few weeks until I go home to London to get them as they only have one store in the whole country! I could order the online but with makeup it’s hard to tell just from website images how the product will look on the skin, it’s better to do a swatch. Again I’ve seen some great swatch photos on people’s blogs but I think given the choice I’d prefer to see the colour in person and see how they show up on my skin. 

Entry 3. Britney Spears Fantasy Gift Set

This entry might seem slightly random but I absolutely LOVE this perfume! It’s the first real perfume I ever wore religiously and I still love it today. It’s very sweet and vanilla-y and also fruity and just super girly, sweet and fun smelling. I know celebrity perfumes kind of have a stigma attached to them but I don’t really see why most are produced by respected cosmetics brands and Fantasy is produced by Elizabeth Arden. 

I’ve tried quite a few new perfumes over the last couple of years but none of them are quite as ‘me’ as this one and I always feel kinda off-key if I’m wearing anything other than this or my Chanel but I like to save that for special occasions as it so expensive! The Britney Spears Fantasy is the perfect everyday scent for a pink loving girly-girl on a casual day off and to me it smells pretty, feminine and comforting. I also think that the bottles are gorgeous and I have about four empty ones on my perfume tray at the moment. The gift set also comes with scented body lotion and showegel which I love to save for special nights out as a a girly treat. This set below includes a 100ml bottle of perfume as well as a scented body lotion and scented shower which I usually like to save to pamper myself on before a night out! The set is only £29.95 on http://www.cheapsmells.co.uk so I might just ask for it!

So anyway, those are the options. I really don’t know which to go for! I’ll keep you posted and let you know what I choose!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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