Wild Wednesday⁉ = Pancaaaaaakes!

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed Pancake Day yesterday! As you know I love food so Pancake Day is definitely one of my favourite holidays! Probably my second favourite after Christmas acutally haha how sad is that! 

I was working during the day yesterday so saved my pancake-making for dinnertime which is when we always had them when I lived at home with my parents. We considered just going to Frankie and Bennys and ordering pancakes but in the end we decided making them ourselves would be cheaper and more fun.

We (boyfriend and I) decided to go all out and make both the fluffy American pancakes AND the thinner European crepe pancakes – tehe!!! We ate the fluffy American ones with warm maple syrup and bacon for our first course…

Then for dessert we had crepes with fruit and sugar. I put A LOT of sugar and lemon juice in the rolled one and sliced banana, strawberries and sugar in the other. It’s funny how you don’t really realised how much fat and sugar is in bad foods until you make them yourself… These definitely did not help by diet haha but oh well! You gotta treat yourself every now and then and they were definitely worth it!

The recipes we used only gave us one and a half crepes each but to be honest after eating the American ones too this was all we needed really.  Overall I have to say that the American pancakes won. They’re just so thick and fluffy and who can resist those strips of juicy bacon!

They’re sooo bad but SOOOOOO good!!! I remember back when I was in school I used to work for my dad as a receptionist on saturdays and on the way to work every week we’d stop at McDonalds and I’d always get the ‘Pancake and Sausage’ breakfast meal – every single week. I ate so badly when I was younger, how I didn’t get fat I’ll never know! Nowadays I only ever make them once a year on Pancake Day so I don’t feel too bad about eating them really. Although as you saw in this post, my lovely mum does like to make them for me when I go home to visit so maybe I won’t have to wait all the way until next year to have some more! I hope you enjoyed you’re Pancake Day as much as I did!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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