Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!! I got my mum this adorable teapot and teacup for her birthday last week so for Mother’s Day I sent her a matching plate to add to the collection and a personalised Me To You bear card – we love Me To You in my family!

She loved the tea set so much that the next day she sent me the following photo …

She went out and bought pretty much the whole set!!! It’s shows she liked it so I’m glad :).

I had to work today as I already had the day off last week to see my mum for her birthday (both my mum and my dad’s birthdays are near Mother’s/Father’s day – so inconvenient for the wallet lol!!) So yeah, I didn’t get to spend the day with my mum today unfortunately butttt last week we had a lovely weekend together :).

On the Saturday we went shopping at Westfield Stratford which was cool as I usually go to the London one so it was fun to see the different shops they had there. I had noooo idea that they had Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21- hence why in this haul video I was so excited to find them in OMAN over christmas lol! No Bath and Body Works there yet though – the day that comes to England will be the best day EVERRRRRRR!!!- but still, I bought a really nice backless shirt from F21 with I’ll do a post on as soon as I get to wear it out somewhere. We ate lunch at this brilliant Thai restaurant which I stupidly can’t remember the name of but I had this pad thai which was suuuuper delicious and a thai milk iced tea which tasted just like this Jamaican carrot juice drink my parents used to make- yum!

Then on the Sunday we had started the morning with a hearty breakfast at a great little local cafe…

Then we went bowling which was really fun and we bowling right next to the actress Tamsin Greig!! I think I pointed this out to my sister a little too loudly lol as the little boy she was with gave us a funny look when I said it haha I think he was her son. We must have looked like such fan girls!  Later on we went to this amazing all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for dinner. I love the place so much I think I’ll probably do a whole separate post on it as I took a few cool photos of the yummy food. We ate sooo much that day lol. I think I might take my friends there for my birthday. Anyway, my little sister cooked dinner for my mum earlier so I’m going to go call her and check they’re both alive still haha! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x