Hi guys!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post, I have been cramming uni work into every single spare minute of my day so it’s been hard to find time to blog but I’m managing! I made it to the gym again this morning – woohoo! I managed to get up at 7.30 and go and work out for an hour – I’m super proud :D. I decided to try the cross trainer rather than the treadmill today as they say it’s good to ‘surprise’ your body but I find that tiring so I decided to distract myself with a book and it totally worked!!! 

I’m (not) reading about six books at the moment but I chose Lauren Conrad’s Sweet Little Lies from her LA Candy series as it’s light and girly and puts me in a good mood, plus reading about skinny Hollywood TV stars makes me wanna go harder and get my butt in shape too!

Then I had work and a lecture today so I made the effort to do my makeup. My hair is meh’ as I just don’t have to time to re-do it right now but I don’t have the time to care either so it’s all good!

I went with bright colours as my outfit today is monochrome. I’m not going to post outfit pics today as I’m saving it for an upcoming trend post! BUT if you reeeally want to see it I’ve put an outfit photo on Instagram anyway because I like keeping my social media up-to-date and interesting 🙂 My Instagram name is glitter3ug just like my Twitter and YouTube channel. Come follow meeee!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x