♫ I knew you were trouble… ♫

Outfit tiiiiiiime! 😀 I’ve had this Taylor Swift song in my head for a week now so I decided to style an outfit based around it – kinda grungy looking but also polished at the same time. Bit of an oxymoron lol.  I just realised I still have yet to upload all of the haul videos featuring most of the things in this outfit… Uni work is just kicking my but right now! I’ll get them up asap so keep an eye on my YouTube channel!

I really really like how these pictures came out, the photographer Claudia is a genius! Here is a link to her flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/cb-p, please check it out and don’t forget to ‘favourite’ some of her cool shots!

Jacket (old), Jumper: HnM, Scarf: Uni Qlo, Leggings: Quiz, Shoes: Ebay! Watch: Michael Kors MK5055, Bracelet: an old chain belt wrapped twice, Lipstick: Revlon in Black Cherry

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