♥ Morning Throwback! ♥

Hey guys! I’ll be sat at my desk working on my dissertation aaaall day today so I’ll share the post I tried to get up earlier in the week when iPhoto was playing up…
   I don’t watch TV very much at all, mainly because I just don’t have the time but I like to watch something fun while I eat if I’m alone, usually a YouTube video, The Hills or sometimes I go for an old TV show or film for nostalgia sake and recently I’ve been loving So Little Time! .

I used to love this show as a child – I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley. I thought they were just so pretty and stylish and cool and perfect. Apparently my boyfriend loved them at this age too but in an very different way!

I remember realising So Little Time was playing on Sundays on one of the terrestrial TV channels I actually had in my bedroom. I was soooo anxious the next Sunday, I thought our Sunday morning breakfast was going to run over and I was going to miss it lol. I made it though! That was before the days of recorded TV obvs! So funny to think of the things we were obsessed with as kids. I sometimes wish I could go back to that time when missing my favourite TV show was my most pressing concern, but then I remember how miserable school was and how boring being a kid can be and I think perhaps not!

 Having said that I’m off to continue writing my great stinking 10,000 word essay. Hmm…maybe I would go back after all! Also, check out how my nails match my yoghurt! So cool lol, I did a post on these nails here! Right, I’m off to continue my work… have a great afternoon/evening! x

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x