Under the Weather

Hiiiii, I’m not feeling my best today but I’m trying to stay positive. My wisdom tooth is coming through and it really hurts a LOT. I keep waking up in the night from the pain, it feels like my gums are being ripped apart – which I guess they essentially are. Also I just realised that on top of the essay I have due in TOMORROW I also need to hand in a draft of my entire dissertation by Monday really or there won’t be time for me to re-draft it over Easter… Stress stress stress! Still, could be worse. I have all day today and tomorrow to do the essay, all day Monday to do the dissertation and I have a good feeling about this work so I’m going to plod on. It’s raining cats n dogs today so I’ve been wearing my pink Hunter wellies. I’ll do an outfit post later if I get enough of my essay done and earn a break 🙂