My New Hair

In all the madness that’s been my life recently I completely forgot that I haven’t showed my new hair here on my blog. I’ve been using hair relaxer (perm if you’re American) since I was about ten years old. It’s a harsh chemical treatment that permanently straightens the hair by breaking down the bonds which make it curly in the first place. Some people get relaxers with no problem but I find them to be really damaging to my hair, they dry it out so it breaks off at the ends and I’ve never been able to grow it past the shoulder length. I’ve been used to wearing hair extension of some sort on and off (but mostly on) since I was ten. Here you can see a variety of my old hair looks…

1. With braids in my last year of school aged 18. 2. I loved the versatility of clip-in hair extensions 3. A half wig – I really like this length on myself. 4. A good weave 5. And a very bad one. 6. Bleached and dyed burgundy 7.  The burgundy faded fast 8. And eventually the bleach broke of my ends 9. Twists – far too fat n looked like bad dreadlocks! 10. I finally chopped that relaxed out! I hated it this short though.

About a year ago I decided to stop give up on relaxers and try to learn to love my natural hair and heeere it is

It’s taking some getting used to, in fact if you saw my last YouTube video you’ll have heard me say I’m going to go back to relaxers, BUT I’ve changed my mind again lol and decided to try a bit harder to embrace my natural hair. Actually looking back through old photos of my hair when it was straight makes me miss it a bit – until I see a picture of myself from the back with a messed up, matted weave and then I think “awww hell nawww!!!”. 

I was getting fed up with the look of my little afro since I cut of the straight ends at the end of last year but it’s growing quite quickly and I’m getting used to it now. I also hated blow drying it because it’s so thick and I’m tender headed but not I’ve learn to put it in lots of little twists to air dry it which is better for my hair and much less painful aaand I get these cute defined curls when I unravel the twists the next morning :).

 I think it’s nicer to embrace my natural hair rather than trying to change it. I feel better when someone compliments my god-given natural afro hair rather than the hair of some random stranger which I’ve bought and stuck on my head aka weave!!! Not that I’m bashing hair extension, I think they’re great and glamorous so long as we remember to appreciate and embrace our natural selves every one in a while too. The other benefit of my natural hair is that having an afro is actually working out to be less maintenance and much less expensive since I no longer buy the relaxers and all those worthless products that falsely claim they’ll save my dead, damaged, relaxed hair. YouTube has been a great source of inspiration for fun hairstyles for natural hair, some of my favourites so far are backsyncfan and jouelzy and once I’ve had a bit more time to experiment I’ll upload some hair tutorials of my own!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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