What I’ve been up to lately!

Hello all, so I decided I should write a post filling you in on what I’ve been up to recently! Can you guess what the first thing is…

1. I turned 22!!!
Yup, I reach the big 2-2 two weeks ago which was pretty exciting. It’s quite weird being out of the 18-21 ‘young person’ bracket now. I mean obviously I’m still young but I feel like 21 is really exciting whereas 22 is kinda… blah. I must say that I do feel twenty-two with all of the university, housing-related and job-hunting stress I’ve been under lately but I have a feeling the year of 22 is going to be very good to me because I plan on being very good to myself so watch this space :).
    I couldn’t do anything huge to celebrate my birthday much on the day as I had to be elsewhere but last year I had a “10 Again!” themed party and you can check clips of that here on my YouTube channel! This year as we were busy on the day my lovely mum made a huge effort to spoil me from the night before. She cooked my favourite dishes and we did a little shopping in London where I discovered yet another Forever 21 – get in!!!

My favourites: sweet and sour chicken, pad thai and scampi!!!

Last Friday I got the chance to celebrate with my friends from home who I love and miss so that was lovely. We actually went to Laser Quest which I haven’t done since my fifteenth birthday and it was sooo much fun!!! We were running late so I forgot to take pictures (d’oh!) but it was suuuper fun. I found out there’s an arena near where I live up at uni so now my boyfriend and I want to go every week haha we just need to find people to go with! After Laser Quest we met up with more of friends at a cool american diner called Tinseltown for dinner. The food there was amazing. I had a mega hotdog which barely fit on my plate followed by a Nutella waffle for dessert accompanies by a Skittles flavoured milkshake – soooo cool! 

The monster hotdog!!! I only ate half. I seriously regret that now!
Nutella Waffle. Enough said…
This milkshake 100% tasted like straight-up Skittles – insanity!

After dinner we went to a bar for drinks but that was a bit lame to be honest – just full of drunks! Overall it was still a really great birthday and it just reminded me of how many wonderful people I’m surrounded with in my life <3.


2. I’ve (very nearly almost) finished University!
   As you may now I’m a full time university student studying for a Media Studies degree. I’m coming right to the end of my degree now which means lots of deadlines hence why I haven’t had time to post as much as I’d like to recently. Every time I’m on here I can’t help but feel like I should be studying instead but that will all be over in two weeks when I’ll have handed in my dissertation (big scary 10,000 word essay). I’ve pretty much finished my dissertation but I got an extension due to a very unfortunate personal incident that set me back a bit so I’m taking the extra couple of weeks I have to perfect my work as it’s a huge portion of my final grade and I want every last mark I can get.

3. I’m on the career ladder 🙂
   Now that I’m pretty much done with university it’s time to enter the working world for good! I’ve started doing some freelance work to add to my portfolio and I’m really really enjoying it. Fingers crossed and it leads to something more permanent soon!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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