OOTD #2: Colour Burst!

Finally – an outfit post! This is an outfit I wore to work last week… Sorry my face is awkwardly cut off in this image. I haven’t been bothered ‘had time’ to do much with my hair/face for work pretty much since I started so I didn’t feel like having my head in the shot but now I look at it it’s really bugging me. I should have cropped it a bit more/not been a lazy cow n fixed my face! Not that I think I need makeup (hence why I’ve not been bothering with it) but ya know, this is a blog and blogs are apparently supposed to be all oooh and glossy and the only glossiness I was rocking this day was my oily T-zone – I promise you!

Blazer: Zara, Vest: OLD, Jeans: OLD, Shoes: H&M, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Watch: Michael Kors MK5055 (for some reason I always wanna write 5128 but that’s a completely different watch I don’t own :/), Bracelet: H&M

I’ve been absolutely loving this neon pink blazer this summer although I must admit that most days, in this mad flash of summer we’re having, it’s a little too warm so I end up taking it on, off, on off, like a moron but I don’t have any light cardigans so I’ll have to manage for now.

I got these jeans about four years ago but I really started to hate the wash and the way they didn’t have any give in them so I gave them to mum. When I got this job and had to temporarily move to commute I could only bring one suitcase of my clothes and I’ve been running out of outfits so I’ve borrowed them back. I think they’re okay now to be honest, weird how you can go from liking something to hating it and then back again.

I looove this new bracelet I got from HnM, the diamantes woven into the thread really sparkle in the light. I don’t usually mix golds with silvers but this outfit is so full of colour I figured – what the hell! 

I think this racerback vest is really cool. I love the aztec print and skulls combo, very very trendy. It was a christmas gift from my sister and when wore it to an airport a security guard stopped me to look at it lol. He laughed and made some sort of ‘Ah kids now days…’ kin of remark, haha. I don’t care, I think skulls are cool!

These shoes, these shoes, these shoes. Whoever said beauty equals pain had a pair of these shoes. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, this is one of three pairs of shoes I’ve purchased that basically crush my feet. I try them on and in the shop everything seems dandy and then I and actually walk-walk in them and I’m like “oh merry hell….”. To be honest I don’t think it’s anything to do with the shoes, they’re just too small so I won’t be wearing them much except to dinner and other sit-down-the-whole-time events. I’m collecting a lot of those types of shoes lately… not the brightest idea!

I was so annoyed because I cunningly bought a pair of flats from H&M in the exact same colour and material thinking that if i wear these ones to work and heels get “too much” (as they always do for me) then I can swap them without really altering my outfit. Clever right? Butttt…when I tried to exchange something else in H&M there was a misunderstanding with the cashier and before I knew it I’d returned the shoes too and I was too embarrassed to say anything. I really don’t know why I didn’t just say “Oh sorry but I think you misunderstood…” instead of walking out with my tail between my legs. I really wish I had now. I always get stupidly shy in situations like that and it’s so dumb because two minutes of potential embarrassment would have equated to lots of hours of happy happy shoe time but now they’re gone forever…D’oh! 

Oh yeah as I’m sure you realised I also managed to find a much better place to take photos while I’m staying at my dad’s. My boyfriend was baffled as to how I managed to take photos by myself haha. I was quite enjoying repeating that it was ‘magic’ every time that he asked until I finally gave in and reminded him of the wonders of a) the tripod and b) the self-timer setting…

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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