Showing My Stripes…

I don’t really know what to say… I constantly have every intention of updating this blog on a daily basis but it’s just really hard around work and moving etc. I’ll keep working on getting better at it. In the mean time here’s an outfit post…

 Sorry I took these outfit pictures weeks ago and am only just getting around to posting them but you know what they say – better late than never! I’m not really into wearing dresses during the day but I keep seeing maxi dresses styled nicely and wanted to give it a go so I picked this one up when I was a market a while back. 

One thing I do love about dresses is how simple they are to style. I also love this style of elasticated maxi and it hugs a figure and make me look curvy which is rather nice!

I’m enjoying wearing white with my gold accessories at the moment, again something about the freshness of the white really makes the gold pop. Having said that I think I’d have preferred to wear a light wash denim jacket than a blazer with this dress to give it a more casual look but I don’t have one so I made do.


I fell in love with these shoes when I got them. They have a little concealed wedge in them which is cool as it makes them a little more glamourous that your average ballet flat. Having said that I’ve had quite a bad experience with them as they turned out to be too small (I really need to learn to walk around in the shop when I try shoes on and not just stand there in them) and the woman in the store also said that they are leather when they were not. So these turned out to be a huge waste of money as, lovely as they are, I can’t wear them, they really really pinch my feet. I’ll have to stick them on Ebay.

Sorry if this post hasn’t been as cheery as others. I’m having one of those days where I question everything/get down on myself for all of the things I should have done but haven’t etc. so I’m feeling a bit shit but hey ho, life goes on! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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