Maxed Out…

I have been loooving the whole Air Max trend at the moment, not least of all because the current strappy stiletto trend is a bit of a foot-killer! 

I prefer the Air Max 90s to the 1s. They look very silimar but the 90s have a sleeker, more edgy look to them,  in my opinion.
I find the 1s a little squished looking. It’s so annoying how kids trainers always come in way cooler colours than adults but Nike still have a pretty great selection anyways. Of course I’m instantly drawn to the pink pairs at first but on second thought the blue in the bottom left pair is a really gorgeous shade and a bit less juvenile than the pink so it’s be fun to style with a blazer, skirt and tights or a trench coat and tailored trousers for a laid back glam look.

I haven’t yet invested in a pair as they’re not exactly cheap and I usually like to wait a while to make sure a trend is sticking around for a while before I invest. Not very fashion blogger-esque I know but I just can’t afford to invest in throw-away fashion the way some bloggers can! I’m gonna give this one til the end of November and if people are still sporting their Air Max’s I might just invest in a pair with the chilly weather as justification – can’t have my toes freezing in sandals now can I?

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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