It’s black and white

As promised this is my outfit post from Sunday…

(I’m doing well so far right? Two whole days of consistent blogging!) 

I really like how this outfit turned out. It’s rare that I put an outfit together and don’t think “oh if I only had _____ ,this outfit would be perfect”… or “if only I could do my hair like that…” but for once I actually felt completely happy with this oufit.

Bracelet: Tiffany. Top: Red Herring at Debenhams. Boots and Bag: New Look.
Tights: Primark. All the rest is old I’m afraid – sorry!

One tiny grumble I have is that the white part of this bag. It’s a tiny detail but I can’t help but feel that the bag would have been slicker if it was completely black. It works fine with this monochromatic outfit but when I want to wear all black or any other colours for that matter I just know it’s going to bug me. Still, it’s such a tiny detail and it was cheap – beggars can’t be choosers as they say!

I never used to be a skirts and boots type girl but my favourite blogger Kenza wears mini skirts with little ankle booties quite a lot and it always looks great so I thought I’d take some inspiration from her.

This leather jacket is years and cheap old but it’s doing me really well in this weather, I love how versatile it is.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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