Today’s Outfit:

Hi guys, I’m going to keep this post short n’ sweet because:

A. I have to be up at 5am for a photo shoot at work tomorrow and told myself I’d be asleep an hour ago 

B. As a result of this I have let my computer run down to 2% battery and refuse to get out of bed to get my charger on the principal that I should be asleep not blogging!

Still, I’m really enjoying regularly blogging again and I didn’t want to be a let-down so I thought I’d throw up a cheeky outfit post before bed. Here it is: what I wore to work today

 They’re not the greatest photos as taking them was a bit of an ‘ooh this outfit looks okay, better take blog photos’ last minute kinda deal five mins before I ran out the door this morning. Everything’s creased and my collar as kind of ski-wiff (spelling?) so I’ll try to remember to re take them sometime and get help taking the photos rather than relying on the super awkward self-timer setting on my camera.

1% battery left. That’s all folks! Night! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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