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I’ve been needing a new work bag for yonks now so I finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. The one I had been carrying was at least five years old with a gaping hole in the lining and, while it’s lasted me very well, I had to admit that it was time to move on and I’m soooo glad I did, I LOVE my new bag!!! 

Okay so first thing’s first, let’s address the couture-clad elephant in the room. Yes the shape is indeed a total rip-off *cough*cough* sorry, I mean totally ‘inspired by’ the Celine Micro Luggage Tote. But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; if these designer brands are going to insist on charging hundreds/thousands/might-as-well-be-millions given what we can afford… for their bags and then rubbing them in our faces by shooting glossy ad campaigns and gifting them to influential and highly fashionable celebrities and bloggers, then they can’t blame us for lapping up whatever high st knock-offs are dangled in our faces can they? Besides, Celine totally ripped off the shape from Philip Lim so who are they to judge? And no, I’m not jealous at all…

Anyway, now that that business is dealt with, on to the bag. I picked it up for the highly stomach-able price of £19.99 in H&M about a month ago. I knew exactly what I was after – something sturdy with a solid base and sides so that it wouldn’t slouch when I set it down on the floor – I hate those bags that sag to reveal everything inside them when they’re laid down à la my last bag. No no, this one had to have muscle.

I also knew it had to be black for the versatility. I’ve tried carrying a brown bag before and it was just too hard making it work with all my outfits. I’m a back-to-black kind of girl (if in doubt when it comes to outfit options, go with black) so I needed my bag to fit in with that rule.

I also love that this bag has a zip rather than a flimsy clasp as I travel on the tube a lot and am constantly paranoid about someone using my bag as a lucky dip in rush hour so this is great. There are gaps at the sides of the zip but they’re not really big enough for anyone to get their hand in and out smoothly and they’re rather handy for stuffing my purse/phone bag into my bag when I’m in a hurry.

There’s also a decent sized inside zip pocket and a phone and lipstick??? pouch – I never really know what the second smaller pouch in handbags is for. I’ve taken to putting my keys in there for easy-access.

As well as top handles it also comes with a shoulder strap which is a god send, especially this time of year when I often find myself laden with carrier bags full of lunch break Christmas shopping. It makes it so much easier having one less thing to carry…

I had a bit of a panic moment the day after I bought the bag when a girl got on my bus with the same bag but much more worse for wear. The sides of hers were creased and it’d bulged and lost it’s smooth lines and sturdy shape. I panicked for a day or two thinking perhaps the faux leather was too thin and would soften and lose its structure over time but so far mine still looks perfect (having monitored her and her bag a few times – not creepy at all – I think the other girl has majorly over stuffed hers with college books and paraphernalia to be honest.)

I think without the quirky front zips of Celine’s offering this bag can look a bit plain at time so I’m considering getting a bag charm or two to jazz it up. Perhaps one of those whimsically colours furry ball things or a leather tassel, not sure yet but I shall of course update you should such an exciting occurrence take place!

So there you have it, my bag story. This has ended up being more of a review than the fluffy, fly-by, ‘look at my pretty new handbag’ post I had in mind but, as I’ve said many-a-time in my YouTube videos, when informing people of something I like to be thorough and if that makes me long-winded and boring, well… well actually, let me know in the comments below and I’ll stop because that’d be rather shit wouldn’t it.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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