Ahhhhh Breaking Baddddd!!! (*No Spoilers Here!*)

Okay, so I’m 45 minutes an hour late going to bed today but it’s all for a good reason! We fiiiiinally finished watching Breaking Bad!!!!

This has by far been the best TV series I’ve ever watched. If you don’t know what it is (err where have you beeeeen????) but seriously – it’s about the unlikely pairing of a high school dropout and his chemistry teacher who start cooking meth together (don’t worry that isn’t a spoiler, you find it out in the first episode) and they start selling it on the street. It sounds kinda lame when I put it like that but trust me – it is sooooo good!

Everything from the plot line with its twists and turns down to the acting, and even the camera work draws you in. I did Media Studies at university and studied a lot of camerawork etc. so I have a good appreciation for that type of thing. But even aside from that, every episode is brimming with tension and every moment is loaded with feeling so you never get bored, you’re always on edge looking for a clue or just feeling the suspense. I’ve watched Six Feet Under before and it’s filmed kind of like that but it’s much more interesting. Something significant happens in every single episode to move the story along.

I liked the ending of the series but I wish it had been a bit more… I dunno… crazy?? It was pretty crazy still but I had just hoped for something super unexpected and out of the ordinary. My boyfriend disagrees, he says that would have ruined it so I guess it works for some people!

Anyway, that’s as much as I can say on the subject without giving spoilers. I reeeeally need to go to bed now, I need to get up super early to get to the gym.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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