Happy 2014!!!

Happy New Year!!! This is my first post of 2014 and it feels really cool to write that, 2-0-1-4. I like the look of that number much better than 2013. It’s even, it just seems cooler. When I was growing up I always much preferred being the even ages – 14, 16, 18, they’re so much more fun than 13, 15, 17, 19 etc. – bleugh. Except for 21 of course ;). The far-reaching influence of American culture means that even here in England, being 21 is cool. Now I’m 22 and it sounds so bland in comparison haha, so I’ve
totally contradicted myself there. Although I love that I can sing along to Taylor Swift’s 22  with pride tehe. Anyway, as always, I digress…

This New Year’s Eve was probably the best ever! I went to a house party at my friends that was just close friends and it was so much FUN! She’s about to go travelling for a year and a half so it was a tad bittersweet but I think that we gave her a really good send off! 

The theme was the 80s so I decided to go for the Fresh Prince vibe – chains, crop top, bandana, jeans etc. I’d have loved to wear a baseball jacket or neon satin bomber to finish off the look but I don’t have one so I just tied my boyfriend’s shirt around my hips instead. It might have come off more 90s than 80s but it was fun anyway! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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