In the Nude

I’ve been making an effort to keep my nails painted consistently this year and i love it! I’m discovering all of these nail polish colours that I forgot that I love. Flavour of the week is this beautiful nude shade  – I love it!

The same colour in indoor light (I actually prefers how it look indoors
 – which is good since it’s where I spend most of my time!)

The colour is Nude Beige by Revlon. It’s really subtle, pretty much the exact colour of my nail bed, which may make you wonder, “what’s the point then?” but it’s perfect for work or school if you’re after a more professional/formal look.

I added some gold glitter on top (with extra chunky glitter on the ring finger of course!) and I love it. It’s what I call a ‘double take’ look where people might not notice at first but then they look closer and appreciate all of the detail. I also think this colour would be really great for a beach pedicure. Bring on the summer!!!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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