♫ Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly… ♫

Hola! I’m sure I must have mentioned before how much I love having my nails nicely painted. It just makes me feel 100% more put-together and stylish. 

This lavender shade is just a cheap non-branded one I picked up from a market for 99p. Sure, it’s fun to buy fancy nail polish brands like OPI and Essie but to be honest I usually actually prefer cheaper nail polishes as they’re often thinner and therefore tend to a) go on smoother b) dry quicker and c) last longer imo. I do love the names of OPI’s nail polishes though and sometimes it’s fun to indulge but it’s nice to know that I can pick up a just as good (if not better) polish for 99p and still have nice nails when I’m watching the pennies!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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