Outfit of the Day Fail!

 I’ve decided to try to do outfit-of-the-day videos on my way out to work as they’re the easiest videos for me to do for my YouTube channel and to be honest they get the most views out of all of my videos anyway so everybody wins! 

I’ve had a few hiccups but I’m getting there! On Monday I had a major fail situation. I filmed the first part of the video with my coat on as I usually do, then I put down my camera to take off my coat to show the full outfit underneath but I didn’t realise that in the process I’d knocked my camera out of recording mode. So I ‘recorded’ the rest  of the video only to realise afterwards that it actually hadn’t recorded anything at all and by that time I had to run for my bus and unfortunately didn’t have time to do it again. 

Yesterday I just completely failed to get up in time to do anything but dash out the door (I’d stayed up late watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad) – fail again!

Today I think I had better luck and fingers crossed I’ll have a new ootd video up tonight! I haven’t had a chance to check back the footage yet but hopefully it’s useable. I film in the lobby of my apartment block as there’s a huge mirror there – I can’t film in my flat as my boyfriend is usually still sleeping in my bedroom where the mirror is – but I kept getting disturbed by people coming down the stairs on their way out to work , how dare they! It’s so 

typical that on Monday, when my recording failed, I didn’t get interrupted once!

I did manage to at least get an outfit photo on Monday which is what this is. Mondays are meeting days in my office so I try to dress up a little more. I work in fashion and our dress code is quite relaxed so this is ‘dressed up’ in my office. Not full on fancy but ‘made an effort’ at least. My signature dressing up move is to add a blazer and heels. It instantly makes and outfit look so much smarter. I’m also really into white at the moment hence the look here. I just think it looks great with everything, white and black (black and white), white and gold, white and red, I could go on but I feel that could get tedious so I shall instead wish you a great day and remind you to check back for today’s outfit video soon!

Until then! Xx

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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