Rain Rain Go Away

Hi Guys, I very nearly forgot to post these pictures – oops! I’ve been really tired this week for some reason and almost fell asleep as soon as I got in from work. Instead I managed to perk up and spent the evening happily watching YouTube videos and looking at birthday gifts for a certain someone :).

Anyway, on to the post! This is what I wore on Sunday. It was raining (meh) and I realised that there are water spots on some of the pictures which must have been on the camera lens so sorry about that! 

I have been soooo excited to show my new Air Maxes in an outfit post! If I didn’t say it enough yesterday I love, love, LOVE them! 

Coat: Mint Velvet // Hat: River Island // Trousers: H&M//
 Trainers: Nike Air Max 90s from Footlocker // Top: Primark // Bag: H&M // Necklace: H&M

After a summer of stiletto sandals and a winter of Jeffrey Campbell Litas before that, I must say that I am really enjoying the fact that there are finally some comfortable shoes in fashion that I actually want to wear! Now I can finally replace my shamelessly broken down and stretched out five-year-old Ugg boots – yay! God bless you Nike for being so damn fashionable ♥.

Okay, despite my worshipping I must admit that I have one teeny weeny grouch about these – they have given me a blister. Wait, don’t panic! Only one shoe has and I’m pretty sure it’s just because they’re so new and firm still. The top of that shoe rubs against the back of my ankle when I walk but, as I say, I think after a few more wears they’ll soften up a bit and be fine. In the meantime I’ll just wear a plaster there for protection. I’m glad that it’s winter so that I can get away with this under my trousers! Would not look so hot in the summer with shorts! Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as to whether it improves or not.

I’m still in love with my new-ish H&M bag which I blogged about here. It’s softening up a bit with use which is inevitable although I’m desperately trying to avoid instigating this as I love the firm, structured look of the bag as it is. It really reminds me of the current season Prada and Michael Kors bags (I wish!).

My coat’s very cool. It’s from a company called Mint Velvet. I love how the chequered pattern is kinda blurred and the leather sleeves with their zip detailing are great- very urban chic!

I totally meant to do a post on these nails after I laboured over them for hours (okay maybe an hour but still…). But they’re chipping really badly for some reason and they don’t look as good now.

I can tell I’m going to have the most fun styling these trainers with more tailored ‘city girl’ pieces to give a business-casual look. I’m excited to think of ways to dress them up for work – pairing them with smart trousers and a blazer for instance. As I work in fashion my office dress code is very relaxed. I remember on my first day in the office my manager was wearing a cropped top and I remember thinking – “Wow, we can do that? Dressing for this job is going to be so much fun!”. I’ve only worked in environments with strict office wear or full on uniform – “can I take your order please?” – so working in fashion and actually getting to wear the clothes that I buy and love the most is really great, especially as a fashion blogger!!!

Having said that, maybe I should do a post on cool-but safe-for-the office outfits for all the people that have stricter dress codes? That could be fun! As for my job, I think as long as I keep these clean (which I will trust me, they’re my babies!!!) and I don’t wear them with sweatpants and a hoodie I’ll be fine!


Whenever I try to look indifferent in a picture I always just look moody! My whole family’s default face setting is ‘moody’. When I was at school people would always ask my brother and I ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘What’s wrong?’ and there wasn’t anything wrong – I guess we just have moody faces! Anyway, that will teach me for trying to look cool in a photo! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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