Time to Go Hard or Go Home

Sooo… I just re-joined the gym. Literally just, like, 30 mins ago, online. I haven’t been in at least 6 months now since I finished university and began working full time and it’s definitely beginning to show. I’m naturally slim enough but when I don’t exercise I get really soft. I think most people have a size that they feel comfortable at and I’m definitely pushing the top end of that now so it’s time to get in shape!

When I was going to the gym regularly-ish last year

I’m that person who swears that, “starting Monday I’m gonna get up at 5am every day and workout” or, “starting from tomorrow I’m only going to eat this, this, and this…” and then come said day I’m like, “oh just five more minutes of sleep… okay, ten more minutes… half an hour… oh just f**k it.”. So it’s fair to say I’ve got mixed feelings about this… It’s a rolling contract so we’ll see – baby steps! I’ll check in with photos on my Twitter account every time I go so if you need a virtual gym buddy or are just wondering how many times I make it down there you can find me here or at @missjadefraser on Twitter!
The main reason I’m doing it is that all of my jeans are getting pretty tight and I refuse to go up a size and buy more because a) I really love fashion and it’s really getting to me that I sometimes feel like I can’t pull off certain styles like skinny jeans as much as I’d like to and b) as superficial as it sounds, I just don’t want to go up a size!!! Just being honest here, I mean who does?

It’s sad really because I have undoubtedly been negatively affected by the waif-like images of supermodels and celebrities, some naturally skinny, some certainly not… It’s a shame that I and so many others feel like certain cuts and styles of clothes only look good on skinny frames but it’s something that’s hammered into our brains from an early age thanks to the media and I’m sad to say I have been as easily influenced by it all as most people. I’m lucky really because as I say, I’m naturally fairly slim so I don’t have such a long way to go to feel confident but I feel bad for girls who are naturally considerably bigger, it’s not fair to be made to feel that way.

Anyway that’s my two cents on the weight debate. I’m going to get some shut-eye ready to tackle Monday morning. Everyone’s back in my office from the Christmas break tomorrow so work is going to be manic! Luckily I have a brand new gym membership so I can go and blow off some steam at the end of the day ;).

P.S. I took some outfit pictures today so keep an eye out for when those go up in the next day or two, just got to sift through them!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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