To the Max…

Tehehe 🙂 Father Christmas brought me some Air Max 90s for Christmas! :D. He ordered them online (he’s very techy dontcha know) so they took a little while to arrive but they are finally here and I love, love, LOVE themmm!!!! 

Air Max 90 (Style/Color: Anthracite/Metallic Silver/Black)

They were actually really difficult to find in my size. I think because they’re trending again they’re selling out everywhere – including the Nike store :/. Yeah… don’t even get me started. Anyway, Father Christmas ended up ordering these here at I think they’re actually a men’s colour-way but these are the ones in my size that I liked the best and having had them for a few days now I can confirm that it was the right choice!

I know I said here that I wanted a fun, bright pair but when it came down to it as I was looking in all different the shops I realised that (since they’re so damn expensive!) it’d be more sensible for me to get a neutral colour pair since black is my go-to outfit base colour – especially if I’m getting dressed in a hurry for work! I seem to have accumulated a lot of monochrome pieces in my wardrobe last year so they’ve been really easy (and fun!) to pair with different outfits. If I was ever lucky enough to get another pair I think I’d definitely go for something light, bright and fun like these colours I mentioned in my post. Maybe the blue or pink pair – love those!

I took some outfit pictures with these trainers which I will post tomorrow as soon as I’ve had a chance to go through them!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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