Bombs Away!

Well, I’d planned to do an underwear-as-outwear post on pretty lacy lingerie pieces but, to be honest, I couldn’t find anything nice enough to post about on the high street sites (please do correct me if I’m wrong). I did, however, come across a zillion super cool bomber jackets. So many that I’ve decided to break this post down into a few smaller posts (this keeps happening doesn’t it… I think I may have a problem!) so that I don’t overload you with my bomber obsession. Here we go…

ASOS Bomber Dress in Nylon Burnout

All of today’s ones are from ASOS who, of course, had an amazing range of offerings – the majority of which were highly affordable which is pretty damn cool. I think this bomber dress is soooo cool. It’s the perfect piece to just throw on and go and still look stylish.

The Ragged Priest Lace Bomber

I freaking love this neon jacket! How incredibly cool is it! Okay so yes, again, not really suitable for winter (ASOS why do you do this to us?!) but I really reeeeeally like it. I could totally just wear it under a coat. My only real reservation is that the bright colour means that it’s one of those pieces that you can’t wear too often or it’ll be “Oh, she’s wearing that again…”.

ASOS Bomber with Nylon Contrast

The collar is what makes this jacket. It gives the jacket a slightly more formal look as it hints at stylish city slicker trench coats but then obviously the cuffed sleeves and hem give it a cool edge. I love how it’s been styled with the collar popped, very city chic. I love how ASOS style a lot of their clothes actually.

Religion Net Bomber Jacket

And finally, back to me thinking I’m in sunny LA and not the blustery UK, we have this beauty. I actually too think this jacket is beautiful, and really fun. I’d love to style it over a really pretty party dress and heels at the end of a night. Not that it’d keep me warm in the slightest but I just think it’d be so unexpected and would give a girly edge to a pretty outfit. Oh no, I’m basically talking myself into it… At £40 I can’t quite justify it right now since it’s not really providing a necessary function. But it’s just so preeeetty… Ah damn you 2014 budget.

Well, I hope that these have given you some food for thought and if your financial situation is looking a lighter brighter than mine then perhaps you might even treat yourself to one. Please, please let me know if you do so I can envy you!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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