♪ I Can’t Remember to Forget You… ♪

I really really love this song right now! I like most of Shakira’s songs thinking about it (except ‘Waka Waka’ – the World Cup totally ruined that for me!!!!). It’s actually probably her videos that I like the most. She manages to be incredibly sexy and yet somehow still make it seem classy. I don’t know what it is… Her dancing is just so damn cool too. I keep saying damn recently. I think I got it from my favourite blogger, Kenza, she says it a lot. Maybe it’s a Swedish thing? Better than saying ‘f***ing’ I say! 

Anyway, I digress. The song, love the song. Love Shakira and Rihanna in the video, they are both painfully gorgeous. Of course I think anyone would be with that much makeup and perfect lighting etc. but they’re so cool too, I love it. Unfortunately I have a terrible tendency to play the song I’m into on repeat over and over until I get bored of it and then the radio stations will play it for weeks and weeks after that so that I get really really sick of it… Let’s hope that that doesn’t happen this time!

I really love Rihanna’s makeup in this video. I think it’d be fun if I re-created it in a makeup tutorial video on my YouTube channel, what do you think? I’m just waiting to get some more contact lenses so that I can film tutorials without my glasses getting all in the way. I had to wait to have a check-up at the opticians before they’d let me order more (rip-off way to get £25 out of me I say- hate opticians!!!) but anyway the check-up is tomorrow now so I can finally order some more lenses and do makeup tutorials again. I. Can’t. WAITTTTT!!! BTW you can listen to the song here.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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