All For Pho

Here’s some lunchtime inspiration for you. I’ve discovered a new cuisine which I love – Vietnamese! It’s becoming a close runner behind Japanese food as my favourite cuisine – I love love love it! Like most Far Eastern cuisines it has a great mix of healthy, light and fresh dishes like soups and salads but also some more indulgent dishes like tasty noodles and fried dishes for when you’re feeling naughty :P.

Pho Xao wok fried noodles at Pho

I highly recommend the Vietnamese restaurant chain Pho (pronounced ‘Fuh’ I believe). They have restaurants all over London and I tend to make a stop whenever I’m in any of the Westfield shopping centres – best food ever!!! My favourite dish is the Pho Xao wok fried noodles with beef (seen above) they’re filling and delicious with a slightly sweet flavour so if you like Pad Thai/ Chow Mein/ Tikka Masala and that kinda thing then you’ll love these. *Sidenote – they put chilli flakes on the side of the dish for you to sprinkle and its tempting to just go gung ho but take it easy with them, they’re fiery hot!!!

Pho at Pho Hoa in Shoreditch

Just to be confusing my second favourite Vietnamese dish is Pho. No, not the restaurant but there’s an actual dish called Pho too (guess the restaurant is named after the dish?). It’s a light, flavoursome broth with meat (optional of course), fresh cut vegetables and noodles in it so it’s the best of both words if you want something healthy but also nice and filling. I’ve been hearing about the delights of Pho from lots of my favourite American bloggers for years so it was great to finally get to try it for myself and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Which cuisines and dishes do you like? I love trying new foods so if there’s anywhere that you think that I should try tweet me and let me know! And of course I promise to share all of my new culinary experiences here with you on my blog too ;).

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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