Black and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and Gold

Hello, hello! I thought I’d share my latest decor obsession with you – monochrome + gold = me, in love. White as a base is clean and fresh and really helps to open up a space and make it bigger. Black always adds a modern touch and then, hey presto, you can add any accent colour you want to finish it off. I personally love gold because it adds a luxe feel making a smaller space like a flat (apartment) feel that little bit more special. I’ve pulled my favourite monogold (as I’m calling it) spaces from my Pinterest boards to give you a little inspiration. Oggle them all after the jump.

Metallic accessories are also really easy to come by and mix and match very well whereas with colours it can be difficult to find the exact shade once you start collecting pieces. 

Cushion covers are a great way to start the process of introducing a new colour scheme into a room without throwing it off-balance while you change colours. 

Monogold doesn’t have to minimalist either. As you can see above, if you flip the black/white ratio you get a deeper, more luxurious finish.

I am obsessed with these extra long gold curtains. I can just imagine this is in a New York apartment somewhere on the Upper East Side. It makes the space look relaxed yet fun. Perfect for hanging out and having drinks with friends on a Friday night.

Changing your colour scheme doesn’t have to mean a huge redecorating project. Little accents like these are quick and inexpensive to introduce and will instantly have the desired effect of lifting the room.

J’adore these gold velvet cushions. The key to making sofa cushions look plush and inviting is a good mix of different sizes which adds dimension to the look. I also love how they look against the dark brown. I’ve got brown faux fur throws on my sofa at the moment (can’t be trusted with a cream sofa!) so it’s nice to know that I can introduce gold and still keep the throws.

That’s it. I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to do monogold in my living room. It’s just too pretty not to. My furniture is already mostly black and white so it’ll be really easy and relatively inexpensive to introduce the gold bits. I can’t wait to begin collecting gold pieces for the transition! I have a million fun ideas already. I just realised that I’m having a few people over to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks so I think I’ll aim to have the transition done by then. I’ll take before and after pictures and share them with you here on the blog so stay tuned! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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