Fluff Puff!

I am obsessed with our Fluff Puff phone charm! It’s totally girly, fun and cute and makes my phone looks so much more interesting. I love how little things like this can lift my day. A great nail polish colour, a delicious smelling perfume, a cute phone accessory etc.

Our Fluff Puff phone charm which you can buy here

My mum (who runs our web-store with me ) said that I might have made this one a little too big but I say the bigger the better! ;). We can always make them smaller if people prefer, we’re really flexible with our designs. It’s important to us that people get exactly what they want.

 I just love how it looks dangling from my phone when I’m using it and it’s super soft like a (not so) little pink bunny tail.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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