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 I love the whole underwear-as-outwear trend and my favourite kind right now is the lacy bra. Here are a few of my personal faves on the market right now…

All of these lace lovelies are from Asos. Being a smaller chested gal I used to loathe the idea of the lace bra because it lacked the boost that I so desperately relied on. Now that I’m older however I’ve come to realise the many reasons why not being page 3-worthy can actually be great. For starters, it’s much easier to make cleavage, or lack thereof rather, classy because smaller boobs generally look less overtly sexual and therefore less obnoxious when on display.

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 Pairing a black lace bra with a blazer is a really cool way to go sexy without showing too much. If I was wearing a bralet, as opposed to a bra, I’d pair it with some high wasted trousers to offset the amount of skin on show allowing me to take off my blazer as I please. If I went for a full on bra though, I’d pair it with whatever bottoms but keep one button of my blazer fastened as I’m not quite bold enough to be out in just a bra! P.S. If your blazer doesn’t have a button you can use double sided tape to keep it in place so that you’re not constantly having to readjust it cover your boobs.

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An open-knit jumper is a more casual way to rock the trend and something that I’d wear in the daytime. I love these mesh ones from Missguided. They’re open knit enough that you can really appreciate the bra detail while once again toning down the booby aspect.

I think I might treat myself to a lace bra soon. All of these are very affordable and now that the weather is finally beginning to get warmer I can actually face the idea of wearing one on a night out with shivering at the mere thought!

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