The Wondrous Wall

There I was minding my own business, wandering aimlessly one lunch break when low and behold, should I stumble upon the most majestic of nail displays I’ve ever seen. A whole shelf of all sorts of paraphernalia (Get it? Sorry, couldn’t resist.) from leather effect nail polish to multi-coloured nail caviar, falsies, stickers and even electronic tools. Once I’d scraped my jaw off the floor I just about got it together enough to take some pictures for you as evidence of this unbelievable find. Browse my top picks from the wondrous wall and find out just where this magical place is after the jump.

Caviar manicure beads to sprinkle on top of nail polish (Google it, it’s cool).
More pretty stuff to sprinkle on your talons
Excuse the woolly purple glove haha!
See a better picture here
Looks much better in real life (promise!)

My pictures aren’t the best quality (I took them on my iPhone as never did I ever expect to make such a find so I didn’t have my camera on me, sorry! – Bad blogger, bad blogger!!…) but rest assured that these nail polishes actually do look like the effects shown in the bottle in real life. The denim one has kind of a grainy/swirly multi-tonal look to it much like real denim and the feather one is full of tiny strand of what looks like actual fabric not just glittery as it looks here. Lucky for us Poundland actually has a pretty good website with pictures of all of these so you can see for yourself just how pretty they are.

They even have some pretty Revlon nail polishes in select colours at a ridiculously discounted price.

Fun for club nights. And Halloween.
This would look amazing over white nail polish.

Just like they use in the salon!
YouTube tutorial on how to use this gizmo here

“Okay okay, we get the point! It’s ah-mazing. But where, oh where, is this magical place?!?” I hear you scream. Are you ready? No seriously, are you ready? Okay, it’s… Poundland!!!! Yes that’s right. Each and every one of these precious picks can be bagged for the oh-so-swallowable price of a mere £1! Bargainalicious eh?

As I said above these are just my top picks but they actually have a huge range of nail products which you can view (but not buy unfortunately) on their website hereI’ve not had the time to scour any other Poundland stores to see if they all display the wonderful wall (I’ve got an awful feeling that they don’t) so if I was you I’d head to your nearest city centre one as they tend to biggest so that’s your best bet of getting your hands on these goodies.

Unfortunately for me, I’m on a self-imposed nail polish purchasing ban at the moment as I’ve got (quite literally) about one hundred shades yet I still fail to paint my nails on even a weekly basis. It just so time consuming waiting for them to dry fully, which I can never manage to do so I inevitably end up smudging them. Then there’s the chipping. Oh the chipping. The sight of half-chipped nail polish is so jarring to me that I’ve taken to just not bothering to paint them in the first place. Which is, of course, ridiculous because the correct solution is just to repaint them but that involves nail polish remover which I also consider to be a faff. Regardless of all of this I’m still only spiting myself because I looove nail polish. Just the sight of the array of heavenly hues in Superdrug makes me go all gooey and few things lift my day more than looking down to see that I have lovely manicured nails.

 So, long story still long, I’m trying to bully myself into painting my nails more by not allowing myself to buy any more polishes until I can get into a routine of actually painting my nails twice a week. I think finding this amazing and affordable display at Poundland was an incentive for me to get manicuring this spring and actually use up a couple of bottles of polish (I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever done this. Has anyone?) so that I can skip down to Poundland and swiftly replenish my stash with these bargain beauts.

Right, I’m off to paint my nails. T’rah! xx

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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