Bags of Fun!

I realised that I need a new rucksack to see me through all of my sightseeing fun in Paris next week. It’s funny because I actually really loathed backpacks up until very recently but,with the return of 90s fashion this season (thank you fashion gods!), there are lots of chic, feminine offerings on the market and quite a few that I could actually stand to be seen out and about in.

Read on to find out where these babies are from!

1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here

Here’s my criteria for the perfect backpack:

a) Affordability – I’m on a tight budget this year!

b) Security – As much as I’d kind of love to be stranded in Paris, I think it’s best that I keep my passport protected.

c) Versatility – Always a factor when shopping for clothes; I need to be able to style and re-style it with lots of different outfits.

d) Style Factor –  Of course it has to be stylish too! I can’t believe that this is so low down the list but, as it’s a practical item, I have to think sense before style (gah, how awful!).

I think at the moment I’m swinging towards number three because leopard print is always in style and it’ll match my leopard H&M trousers which I’m planning on bringing nicely. Let me know which one you think I should get?

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