Craving This…

I’m sat here, (slightly hungover), nursing a cup of my favourite Chai tea and all I can think about is how much I’d love to demolish this meal again! 

La Reine Pizza

On Wednesday I met a friend for dinner at Pizza Express to celebrate her birthday and I ordered my usual; Garlic Bread with Cheese as a starter and La Reine Pizza for main (ham, mushroom, olives love). I swear, their Garlic Pizza Bread is heaven!!! I totally live and die for that starter. I could eat it every day for a month and never get sick of it.

Pizza Express Garlic Pizza Bread

Whenever I’m hungover all I can think about is food. It’s the only thing that takes my mind of the nausea so I end up spending the entire day eating junk to try to distract myself. So far I’ve managed to scoff a ham and cheese sandwich, McDonalds and some bread and butter – so much for being healthy! 

Free birthday prosecco from Pizza Express – SO worth signing up to their emails!

Last night we went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday, weekend style, and we had a really good night. There is, however, a reason why I don’t drink often and today is that reason. I’m actually feeling pretty good in comparison to my last hangover which was a monstrosity. One of those where you swear you’re never going to drink again blah blah blah… It usually takes me about a month to get over the trauma of a hangover before I’m ready for another big night, only to then swear off drinking once more the next day and restart the cycle. Hence why I’m not a huge drinker. Today isn’t so bad though. I think it’s because I stuck to wine all night rather than mixing drinks – definitely helps! Well, I’m off to find more food. Toodles!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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